Update From Arabia

Posted State of Qatar United Arab Emirates

So the update from the Middle East goes as follows: things are going well but I do not have power. As you see, the power adaptor I brought does not have an option for the Middle East and with Istanbul (which uses a European-style outlet) being just a few days away, I am finding it hard to summon the strength to spend $40 on an adaptor I will use for just 2 more days.  Thus that is my predicament right now.  But thanks to a battery brick with seemingly endless energy, I think I can easily live with just a phone for several days.  But that does mean many of my pictures and videos from Doha, Qatar and Dubai, UAE will not be posted until I get to Europe. So my apologies.

Here is me taking a screenshot of my phone telling me where I am in the world.

Here is me taking a screenshot of my phone telling me where I am in the world.

Moving to my time here I would have to describe my time in the Arabian Penninsula with the words, skyscrapers and spaces.  Yup that’s what’s here.  The spaces between things are often vast, extremely hot, and undeveloped.  For example the distance from the airport I came in on and downtown is 37 km and of that much of it was just a highway going through the dessert.  Similarly, while my little chunk of town, Jumeriah Beach (pronounced Jew – mirrah), is cool and has a high-end beach resort vibe, the journey to downtown is arduous.  By cab it is over 10km and $15 one way and by train it takes about an hour and a half with walking included. And thus you are beginning to understand…. Dubai is a really really big city (both in height & geographically).

For now I will leave it at that because my thumbs are tired from typing this message.  Nevertheless I want you to know, I am doing well, I am enjoying Dubai, and as soon as I find a proper power source in this desert (or Europe) I will post plenty of pictures.  Also please forgive all typing errors, after all I did write this on my phone.

– Robert Yeagle