The Iguazu Experience

Posted Argentine Republic

Visiting Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina was something wholly unlike anything else I had done for the past six months.  The falls themselves were SPECTACULAR and the weather coupled with a boat ride to the base of the falls created a sense of natural adventure I have not had in a while.  Overall it was a tremendous experience, and I can certainly see why it has been named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.  Here are some videos that capture the experience.

– Robert

Here we are following the path out to the most intense region of the fall, the Devil’s Throat.


This is a the view from the Devil’s Throat overlook. The Devil’s Throat is a U-shaped Fall, 82 metres high, 150 m wide, and 700 m long (269×492×2,297 ft).


This is the family boarding the boats to the waterfall (Notice the torrential downpour).


The first approach to the base of the falls.


The second approach to the base of the falls.