Tokyo – A Day In the Life

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On my way to Vietnam in 2016, I had American cancel my flight. The joy! Because of this I got the pleasure of calling in to reschedule it. While it was VERY inconvenient, it ultimately resulted in them giving me a free 3-day stopover in Tokyo as a means of saying sorry. While it was not ideal, it did lead to a really amazing few days in and around Tokyo!

– Robert

Here I am walking Tokyo’s Sumida River. Tokyo was WAYYYY bigger than I relised. So even after walking for a few hours, I had barely scratched the surface.


Obviously I had to take a video of Shibuya crossing, which I visited on a Saturday night. It is pretty much as crazy as it looks, a lot of people going a lot of directions.


Fulfilling a lifelong goal of getting conveyor belt sushi at Toriton Tokyo Solamachi. While the sushi is not AS fresh as some other places, I LOVED the experience.


One of many beautiful parks around Tokyo.


A long daytrip for a lackluster view at Lake Kawaguchiko. Neverthless, I really enjoyed visiting the countryside.