6 Hour Wait 4 Sushi

Posted Japan

While in Tokyo, I had to go visit the famous Tsukiji fish market. And being a sushi lover I knew I would have to try one of the many many restaurants not only open at 5 am, with with a line multiple hours long. In the end, I settled on a low key place with just 12 seats called Sushi Dai. While it hs a Michelin star and is considered by many the best sushi in Tokyo, from the outside it looks like little more than a hole in the wall dive bar.

Thus with a place in mind, I searched the street to find the Japanese characters that I had on my phone. After about 30 minutes of searching, I got in line (around 4 am) and proceeded to wait in line for the next 6 hours!!!! In the end, I got into the SUPER SMALL restaurant, had the chef’s choice menu, and…. it was likely one of the best meals of my life. Thus I wanted to share pictures of some of the sushi, and recommend if you are ever in Tokyo with HOURS to kill, maybe hop in line.